The codes adopted by Rock Island County Board are enforced by several methods. Written notice of the violation is issued to the citizen that attempts to educate the citizen of the ordinance violation and to obtain their voluntary compliance. With minor, easily rectified violations, a verbal notice of the violation and attempt to educate the citizen is made in order to obtain compliance. If the first attempt at compliance fails, a more firm written notice and order of compliance is issued which orders the violator to come into compliance. In cases which cannot be resolved at this administrative level, an ordinance violation suit may be filed in the Municipal Code Enforcement System (MUNICES) by the Zoning & Building Safety Department, or in the Circuit Court by the Civil Division of the State’s Attorney’s Office. Fines and compliance are usually sought as part of this method of enforcement.

If you believe a violation exists, feel free to reach out to office staff to inquire if a violation exists. We always recommend having a conversation with your neighbors to resolve situations neighborly. But there are also times where enforcement may be needed. Our Building Inspectors handle enforcement of adopted building codes. And the Zoning Investigator handles zoning, floodplain and stormwater ordinances. See the staff directory for the correct staff member.