County Clerk

A Message From Your County Clerk

As the newly elected County Clerk for Rock Island County, I will strive to deliver transparency and trust to our election process because I believe that there is no greater privilege as an American, than exercising our "Right to Vote".

As your County Clerk, it is an honor and a privilege to serve the citizens of Rock Island County and I hope that you take advantage of the many services that our office provides. It is our goal to extend these services to our public in a timely and efficient manner.

Thank you for visiting our website, we look forward to serving you!

If you have any questions regarding the information provided please feel free to contact me directly at 309-558-3569.

Karen Kinney
County Clerk

Fee Increases

Effective November 1, 2013, the following fee increases will occur (In Accordance with County Board Ordinance Number 2013-1023 [PDF]):

  • Birth Certificates: $15
  • 2nd copy of Birth Certificates: $8
  • Marriage Certificates: $15
  • 2nd copy of Marriage Certificates: $8
  • Death Certificates: $20
  • 2nd copy of Death Certificates: $14
  • Civil Union Certificates: $15
  • 2nd copy of Civil Union Certificates: $8
  • Marriage License: $35
  • Civil Union License: $35
  • Liquor License Application: $115.50
  • Index/File Assumed Name Certificate: $10
  • Cancel Tax Sale, Issue/Seal Certificate of Redemption: $160


The County Clerk operates under the laws and statutes of the State of Illinois and provides a variety of services to the public including:

  • Administering Elections in Rock Island County
  • Calculating Tax Extension
  • Calculating Tax Rates Applied to Property
  • Collecting Delinquent Taxes Including Mobile Homes
  • Creating and maintaining County Board Minutes
  • Filing of Annual Reports
  • Filing of Township Budgets and Levies
  • Issuing Liquor Licenses
  • Issuing and Maintaining Marriage Licenses
  • Issuing Notary Public Commissions
  • Maintaining Assumed Business Name Filings
  • Maintaining Birth Records
  • Maintaining Campaign Disclosure and Other Political Filings
  • Maintaining Death Records
  • Maintaining Mailing Information for Mobile Homes
  • Maintaining Prior Years Collector's Books
  • Maintaining Prior Years Assessor's Books
  • Maintaining Permanent Voter Registration for the County
  • Maintaining Statement of Economic Interest Filings