Swimming Pools

There are many things to consider when you are considering adding a swimming pool to your residence. We have created a building permit application available on our downloads page. Here are some things to consider:

  • Is the property located in the floodplain? In the floodway you will need authorization from IDNR_OWR.
  • What type of pool are you installing?
    • Is it a bladder or storable? Does it hold 18 inches of water?
    • Is it on ground? How much water does it hold? How tall are the side walls? Is it partially in the ground?
    • Is it in ground?
    • Is it inside a building?
    • Is it a spa or hot tub?
  • What type of barrier are you using? The Illinois Private Swimming Pool Enclosure Act (HB1009) requires a 42 inch tall fence, wall or barrier. There are many requirements for the type of fencing you use. Will a portion of the dwelling be part of the barrier?
  • Do you know the electrical requirements of Section 680 of the National Electric Code?
  • Where will the pool be located on the property/ Does it meet setbacks for an accessory structure? Have you talked with the Health Department about the location of your septic and well? Have you talked with Mid-American Energy about their utility easements?