Shipping Containers

The Rock Island County Zoning Resolution defines shipping containers as Commercial Vehicles. Further, we define them as "An industrial, standardized reusable vessel that is specifically designed for the packing, shipping, movement or transportation of freight, articles, goods or commodities and that is designed for mounting on or movement by a rail car or truck trailer." They can also be referred to as sea containers, intermodal shipping containers, cargo container, etc. Commercial Vehicles are allowed in Zoning Districts that allow commercial activities, such as, Business and Industrial zoning districts. Shipping containers are not allowed as storage buildings in any zoning districts, they are intended to be temporary in nature.

Portable Storage Containers are defined as a portable, weather-resistant receptacles designed and used for the storage or shipment of household goods, wares, building materials or merchandise. No portable storage container shall have dimensions greater than 16 feet in length, 8 feet in width, or 8 ½ feet in height. These may be used temporarily during construction projects with a vaild permit or when people are moving.