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Court Forms - Civil

  1. Affidavit of Foreign Judgement (PDF)

  2. Affidavit of Service of Landlords five day notice (PDF)

  3. Annual Report on Ward Adult (PDF)

  4. Annual Report on Ward Minor (PDF)

  5. Answer to Complaint for Forfeiture (Approved Statewide Forms)

  6. Answer to Mortgage Foreclosure (Approved Statewide Forms)

  7. Appearance and Consent (PDF)

  8. Arbitration Summons (PDF)

  9. Case Management Order - Civil (PDF)

  10. Case Management Order - Domestic (PDF)

  11. Child Custody Affidavit (PDF)

  12. Child Support Direct Deposit Form (PDF)

  13. Citation to Discover Assets (Approved Statewide Forms)

  14. Civil No Contact Order

  15. Confidential Disclosure Statement of Petitioner/Respondent (PDF)

  16. Decedents Estate Case Management Order (PDF)

  17. Decedent's Estate Status Report (PDF)

  18. Divorce, Child Support, and Maintenance (Approved Statewide Forms)

  19. Domestic Violence Summons (PDF)

  20. Emergency Motion to Claim Exemption (Approved Statewide Forms)

  21. Estate Claim Contract (PDF)

  22. Estate Claim Tort (PDF)

  23. Eviction Affidavit for Service by Posting (PDF) (Approved Statewide Forms)

  24. Eviction Certification (PDF)

  25. Eviction Complaint Forms (Approved Statewide Forms)

  26. Eviction Information (PDF)

  27. Eviction Summons (PDF) (Approved Statewide Forms)

  28. Fee Waiver for Civil Cases (Approved Statewide Forms)

  29. General 30-Day Summons (Approved Statewide Forms)

  30. General Post-Trial Order (PDF)

  31. General Pre-Trial Order (PDF)

  32. Inventory (PDF)

  33. Landlords Five Day Notice (PDF) (Approved Statewide Forms)

  34. Local Court Rules (Rules of Practice) - Complete

  35. Motion to Appoint Special Process Server (Approved Statewide Forms)

  36. Motion to Continue or Extend Time (Approved Statewide Forms)

  37. Motion to Stay Foreclosure Sale (Approved Statewide Forms)

  38. Motion to Vacate Default Judgment Of Foreclosure (Approved Statewide Forms)

  39. Name Change Forms (Approved Statewide Forms)

  40. Non-Wage Garnishment (Citation To Discover Assets To A Debtor's Bank) (Approved Statewide Forms)

  41. Notice of Filing Judgment (PDF)

  42. Notice of Hearing (PDF)

  43. Notice of Probate (PDF)

  44. Notice to Heirs and Legatees - Will Denied (PDF)

  45. Notice to Heirs and Legatees - Will Admitted (PDF)

  46. Notice to Representative (PDF)

  47. Order Adjudicating Disability and Appointing Guardian (PDF)

  48. Order for Support (Approved Statewide Forms)

  49. Order of Protection (Approved Statewide Forms)

  50. Order to Show Cause (PDF)

  51. Parenting Education Providers (PDF)

  52. Parenting Order (PDF)

  53. Parenting Plan No Agreement (Approved Statewide Forms)

  54. Petition for Letters of Administration (PDF)

  55. Petition for Rule to Show Cause (PDF)

  56. Petition to Restore Disabled Person and Revoke Guardianship (PDF)

  57. Petition to Sell Real Estate (PDF)

  58. Post Judgment Collection (Approved Statewide Form)

  59. Probate Case Status Report and Order (PDF)

  60. Proof of Delivery (Approved Statewide Forms)

  61. Rules of Practice (Local Court Rules) - Complete

  62. Satisfaction Release of Judgment (PDF)

  63. Small Claim Complaint Forms (Approved Statewide Forms)

  64. Small Estate Affidavit (January 1, 2015) (PDF)

  65. Stalking No Contact Order

  66. Sub Dueces Tec (PDF)

  67. Subpoena for Deposition (PDF)

  68. Summons - Appointment Of Guardian (PDF)

  69. Support Information Sheet (PDF) (Approved Statewide Forms)

  70. Wage Deduction Order (PDF)

  71. Wage Deduction Order: Non-Withholding (PDF)

  72. Wage Garnishment (Citation to Discover Assets to Debtor's Employer) (Approved Statewide Forms)

  73. Will Notice and Claim Notice (PDF) - Independent Administration

Court Forms - Traffic, Misdemeanor, DUI or Conservation

  1. Plea of Not Guilty or Guilty (PDF)

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