Victim's Services

The Rock Island County State’s Attorney’s Office (SAO) has 2 full-time Victim’s Assistants available to explain to victims the intricacies of the judicial process and their rights within that system. Our Felony Victim's Assistant may be reached at 309-558-3240, and our Misdemeanor Victim's Assistant may be reached at 309-558-3230.

Automated Victim Notification System (AVN)

All victims of crime in Illinois can register with the AVN system as made possible through the Illinois Attorney General’s Office. This is a toll-free, automated telephone service that provides information about the custody status of offenders and notification of any change in that status. Information about hearing dates is also available. This system is accessed by calling 866-566-8439.

Bad Checks

Bad checks received in an amount less than $500 shall be up to the merchant to pursue for collection either through the use of a collection agency or in civil court.

Checks received that are in an amount of $500 or more, or a series of checks written within a 90-day period amounting to $500 or more, will be investigated by law enforcement provided the following check-acceptance procedures were followed at the time of check acceptance:

  1. Verify the check writer's identity at the time the check is written by checking their valid driver's license or identification card and comparing the picture to the check-writer.
  2. Write the check writer's driver's license or state photo identification number on the check if not preprinted or listed incorrectly.
  3. Verify the check writer’s current address and phone even if the information is preprinted on the check and note any changes in ink on the check. If the address listed is a Post Office box, please document the actual street address on the check. If the address on the check is different from the state-issued ID card, you may want to consider not accepting the check.
  4. If the check is written from a company or joint account, verify the spelling of the check-writer’s signature on the check if unclear and make any necessary notations on the check.
  5. The initials or employee number of the person who accepted the check are written on the check.  

If a video of the transaction exists, you must preserve the video of the transaction immediately upon notice that the bank dishonored the check.

If the bank returns a check for insufficient funds or a closed account the amount $500 or more, or a series of checks written within any consecutive 90 day period that amount to $500 or more, your next step is to send a demand for payment letter to the check-writer via certified, first-class mail. You may consult with your private attorney for guidance on the language for the letter.

If the check-writer does not remedy the situation for the $500 or more check(s) referenced above, complete a Bad Check Information Sheet (PDF) and call the police to file a report.

Other Check-Acceptance Tips

  • For larger check amounts, you may want to consider not releasing the purchased item until the check clears.
  • Do not accept pre- or post-dated checks.
  • Do not accept a previously-signed check.
  • Do not accept two-party checks.
  • Do not accept checks with a number below 250.
  • Do not accept starter checks from newly-opened bank accounts where no account information or name is printed on the check.
  • Do not accept checks from anyone who has previously written you a bad check.
  • Do not cash checks.

   If you have questions, we may be reached at 309-558-3251 or email your questions.

Hearing Dates

Our office attempts to keep victims informed of all upcoming hearings and changes to hearing dates. Sometimes hearings happen unexpectedly and our office does not have enough notice to contact victims. Victims can register and check with the Illinois AVN (Automated Victim Notification) system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for up-to-date information. This network can be accessed by calling 866-566-8439.

Orders of Protection

Orders of Protection are available at no cost to victims who have a domestic relationship as defined in the Illinois Compiled Statutes with their abusers. This would include spouses, former spouses, parents, children, stepchildren and other persons related by blood or by present or prior marriage, persons who share or formerly shared a common dwelling, persons who have a child in common, and persons who have or have had a dating or engagement relationship. Anyone who qualifies should obtain the necessary paperwork from the Clerk of the Court’s Office on the 3rd floor of the Rock Island County Courthouse, located at:
1317 3rd Avenue
Rock Island, IL

A Victim’s Assistant is available from 9 am to Noon Monday through Friday to assist victims in obtaining an Order of Protection. Judges hear requests for Orders of Protection each weekday morning beginning at 10 am (petitioners need to arrive prior to 10 am in order for the necessary documentation to be completed). Persons who feel they need protection but do not meet the domestic relationship requirement can contact a private attorney for information on how to obtain a Restraining Order.


Restitution can be ordered by a judge only if a defendant has been convicted of the crime and the ruling is a part of the defendant’s sentence. Victims should complete the restitution form provided by our office and return it to the Victim’s Assistant prior to the Plea Date.

Victim’s Compensation

Victim’s Compensation is available to victims of specific violent crimes according to statute. Only medical bills and lost wages (no pain and suffering payments) will be considered for compensation. Applications can be obtained from our Victim’s Assistant or from most local hospitals. Our Victim’s Assistant can be contacted at 309-558-3230.

VINE - The National Victims Notification Network

The National Victims Notification Network (VINE) is a service through which victims of crime can use the telephone or internet to search for information regarding their offender's custody status and register to receive telephone and e-mail notification when their offender's custody status changes. The service is brought to Illiois by the Illinois Attorney General's Office.

To contact the Illinois VINE service, victims can - call 866-566-8439 to register over the phone or visit the VineLink website. Download a list of Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) regarding VINELink, which includes detailed instructions on how to register.