Glossary of Terms


A sworn statement presented in support of a person's qualification to vote, filed with the application for ballot in the poll record binder.

Application To Vote

The form a voter must sign prior to voting. The judges compare the facsimile signature on the application to the signature of the voter.


The act of helping a voter cast a ballot. Only physically disabled voters and voters unable to read English may be assisted. An affidavit must be completed for all assisted voters.


The optical scan sheet upon which the voter casts a vote.

Campaign Disclosure

An Act that requires a political committee to file a statement of organization within 10 business days of the creation of the committee. Specific questions about campaign disclosure should be directed to the State Board of Elections, Campaign Disclosure Department at 217-782-4141.

Curb-Side Voting

An authorized procedure whereby judges of election may aid a disabled voter by bringing a ballot to the point along the route of access closest to the door that the voter can reach, even at the street curb.

Deputy Registrar

A deputy registrar is a person who is a registered voter and appointed by the Election Authority (County Clerk) to accept the registration of all qualified residents in their jurisdiction.

Election Authority

The County Clerk who conducts all elections in Rock Island County.


The display of candidate buttons, badges or signs, distribution of campaign literature, discussion of, support of, or opposition to a candidate or issue, or any interference with voters, including exit polling, within 100 feet of the polling place is not allowed.

Election Judge

A designated number of persons who have equal authority and responsibility in upholding the law on election day. They act as a board in making decisions and the majority rules.

Precinct Committeeman

The person elected every two years to represent the voters in their precinct. They represent their party's voters at the county central convention to elect their county central chairman and officers.

Registered Voter

A person who has taken an oath or affirmation giving true answers to questions concerning their qualifications and eligibility on their voter registration card application. The applicant must be 18 on or before the date of the next election, be a U.S. citizen and provide 2 forms of identification when making an application.

Statement of Economic Interest

The Governmental Ethics Act requires elected officials and certain state employees with supervisory duties or authority over state contracts/funds to file this statement annually.

Vote Center

Multiple precincts voting in the same polling place.