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Oversized Loads

Vehicle weights on the Rock Island County highways are dictated by the weight regulations established by the State of Illinois. All roads in Rock Island County have a maximum load weight of 73,280 pounds and a single axle weight of 18,000 pounds. The exceptions are listed below and are classified as a Class III truck route, which allows a maximum vehicle load of 80,000 pounds.

Route: C.H. No. Highway No. Street Location
A 11  Bay Road   322 St. W.
B 35  Pine Bluff   284 - 266 St. W.
C 66  Hazel Dell   245 - 252 St. W.
D 44  Joy Blacktop   224 St. W.
E 60, 56  Parchart's Road   198 - 203 St. W.
G 9  Coal Creek   140 St. W.
H 19  Andalusia South   105 - 108 St. W.
K 62  Ridgewood Road   28 St. W.  (S. of 92 Ave.)
T 22  Golden's Corner   277 St. N.
V 1  Village of Hillsdale   Jackson St.
BB 22, 48  Cordova-Erie Road   150 - 157 St. N.
CC 61  Genung East   122 Ave. N.
JJ 16  Indian Bluff Road   78 Ave.  (Airport Ent. to U.S. 150)
MM 67  Beulah Church   148 Ave.  (Knoxville Rd to 104 St.)
NN 18  Reynolds-Orion   176 Ave. W.  (IL Rte 94 to U.S. 67)
RR 26  County Line   183 - 190 Ave. W.  (C.H. 60 to 66)

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Rock Island County also places a restrictive vehicle weight limit on the County Highway 77 (Z), Niabi Zoo Road in the spring when the frozen ground under the roads begins to soften. Although the time the postings are put into effect varies based on depth of frozen ground and air temperatures, the common period of the "spring posting" is mid-February to mid-May and over weight or over width permits will not be issued during the days when posted.

2 Axles 10 tons
3 Axles 15 tons
4 Axles 20 tons
5 Axles or more 23 tons

To request an overweight or oversize permit for Rock Island County Highways contact the Highway Department so the required information can be obtained. The cost for each permit will be the same as your State Permit and if no State Permit is required or issued, you will be charged at a rate of $3.00 per axle. Permits will be issued for a two week limit.

The Rock Island County Highway Department will bill you once a month for all permits issued for the previous month. Payment is due upon receipt of the billing.

Checks should be made payable to: "L. Ewert, Rock Island County Treasurer" and mailed to:

Rock Island County Highway Department
P.O. Box 797
851 West 10th Avenue
Milan Illinois 61264

For information regarding overweight or oversize permits on State highways. Please contact:

Permit Section, Department of Transportation
117 Administration Bldg.
2300 South Dirksen Parkway
Springfield, IL 62764

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