What is a rain garden?

A rain garden is an attractive garden with a special purpose—to reduce the amount of stormwater entering our beautiful streams, rivers and lakes. A rain garden is constructed as a place to direct the rain from your roof or driveway and is landscaped with plant species native to our region.

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1. What is stormwater?
2. Where does the stormwater go?
3. What type of materials can I use for fill material?
4. What is stormwater pollution?
5. What rules and regulations control stormwater issues?
6. My neighbor’s stormwater runs on my property, can I divert it?
7. Can I change how stormwater flows across my property?
8. There is a ravine/stream through my property; who is responsible to maintain it?
9. There is a swale or open drainage channel through my property; who is responsible to maintain it?
10. Can I put yard waste, tree limbs, compost, concrete, chemicals, etc. into my ravine?
11. Why can’t I dump my natural material (yard waste, sticks, compost, etc.) into my ravine?
12. What is a rain garden?
13. What is NPDES Phase II and Who is Affected?
14. How Do the Phase II Rules Affect Industry?
15. How Do The Phase II Rules Affect Construction Sites?