What will happen?

The landlord and tenant will attend the first return hearing as scheduled in the Eviction Summons (PDF). If you receive this Eviction Diversion Program Flyer (PDF) with your Court documents please see the Summons or Eviction Summons (PDF) for dates and times of your appearance. The Judge will decide if the case is appropriate for mediation prior to being scheduled for trial. The mediator will either meet with the parties that day or on a later date and facilitate settlement negotiations between the landlord and tenant. Parties will have an opportunity to negotiate settlement of rental amounts owed, repair issues, possible move out dates, or other concerns raised in the eviction case. All mediators in this program have completed the necessary certificate on training.

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1. What happens if we agree to settle our case?
2. What happens if we do not agree to settle our case?
3. What is Eviction Diversion?
4. What will happen?