Information Requests

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Certified or Electronic Copies

If you need to request copies out of a court file, please send an email and we can gladly return the copies via email, print them to be picked-up or mailed to you via postal mail. If your request requires the documents to be certified, they will need to be either picked-up or mailed as the raised seal doesn’t come through on electronic copies. Normal copy fees and mailing fees apply, please see our filing fees page for further information.

Researching Cases

We have a viewing area available for access to electronic records of court files and data/documents stored on microfilm. If you have questions about a specific year or type of document we are available to assist with the location of the data. Click on the directory (left side links) and we can schedule a time for your visit.

Record Search

You may access our Record Search page for free. If you need a certified copy of a record search you may click the link on the left or see above for more information out of a case or cases.

If you need a certified copy of publicly available criminal or civil case histories, please see the above.

Naturalization records are no longer kept in the Circuit Clerk's Office. You may contact Illinois State Archive at (217) 785-1266 for any information regarding those records.

Disclaimer: Circuit Court Clerk staff are prohibited from providing legal advice.