A Kennel is defined by the Rock Island County Zoning Resolution as "Any Structure or premises where 5 or more dogs and/or cats over 6 months of age are kept as pets, or is intended and used for the breeding of animals for sale, or the training and/or overnight boarding of animals other than those of the owner of the lot. This does not include a veterinary clinic in which the overnight boarding of animals is necessary for and accessory to the testing and medical treatment of the physical disorders of animals."

A Special Use Permit is required if you meet the description of a Kennel. Kennels are allowed in AG-1, AG-2, SE-1, SE-2 (all structures must be 100 feet from residentially zoned property) and R-1, when lot size is over one acre. To obtain a special use permit please consult with the Zoning Department. A public hearing in front of the Zoning Board of Appeals is required. The board will hear testimony from all objectors, listen to concerns, and make a recommendation to the county board to either approve or deny the application.

If granted, the permit is reviewable and must be renewed yearly for $40. The Zoning Board of Appeals has set some conditions to be followed:

  • Meet any and all State of Illinois regulations. (For more information please visit the Illinois Department of Agriculture.) Download an application (PDF).
  • Meet the requirements of the Rock Island County Health Department with regards to the septic system installed for the Kennel (if applicable).
  • Meet all requirements established by the Illinois EPA.
  • Limited number of animals, number will be recommended by Rock Island County Animal Control and the Rock Island County Zoning Department after an inspection of the address designated for the kennel and after viewing construction documents.
  • Must meet all requirements of the Illinois State Humane Care for Animals Act (PDF), Illinois Animal Welfare Act, and Animal Control Act.
  • Provisions must be made to provide a continuous supply of freshwater and proper shelter.
  • Structures used for housing Kennels must meet the building codes as adopted by Rock Island County and all applicable health standards.
  • Animals are to be prevented from running at large.
  • All animals to be prevented from causing a nuisance that may include frequent, habitual, excessive howling; barking; meowing; caterwauling or other noise making at any time of the day or night.
  • If animals are boarded or groomed, applicant shall require proof of registration for animals and current vaccination from the county they reside in.
  • The entire area must be kept clean and sanitary - daily.
  • Property shall be kept free of all feces and urine to prevent its accumulation from constituting a health hazard or odorous nuisance.
  • Special Use Permit shall be renewed annually by payment of renewal fee as invoiced.
  • Yearly renewal will also include an inspection by Rock Island County Animal Control.
  • The Special Use permit is nontransferable.
  • Special Use must be established within one year of issuance.

If a dispute should arise concerning interpretation herein, a hearing shall be scheduled before the Zoning Board of Appeals and they shall make the final interpretation.