Fences, walls and hedges are regulated by Section 3-2-8.11 of the County Code of Ordinances. Generically fences are allowed a maximum height of 42 inches in the front yard and 6 feet in the rear yard. Fences are allowed on property lines and the good side of the fence shall face the neighboring property. A building permit is not required for a fence that meets these requirements.

Fences in the Floodplain

Constructing a fence in the floodplain is considered development and requires a Floodplain Development Permit (3-2-38.4). Fences are not allowed in the regulatory floodway without a State permit. In other areas of the mapped floodplain, fences may be allowed if the applicant can demonstrate that the fence will not alter flood flows or increase potential flood damages. (3-2-38.8.A.6)