Manufactured / Mobile Homes

Advanced construction standards and a housing shortage for low- and moderate-income families have made manufactured/mobile homes attractive alternatives to traditionally built homes. The Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) Division of Environmental Health administers several programs to ensure that people living or working in these are safe.

The IDPH regulates construction of manufactured/mobile homes located in Illinois. Their staff review plans for each model to be located in Illinois to ensure that these units meet minimum structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and energy conservation standards. About 1,300 manufactured/mobile homes are placed in Illinois annually.

This division also has responsibilities relating to manufactured/mobile homes. To ensure quality living conditions for people who reside in manufactured/mobile home communities, the division licenses all parks with five or more sites (except those located in home rule units). Staff inspects each park annually for license renewal, at which time they check the water supply, sewage disposal system, electrical system, lighting, road conditions, spacing of homes and garbage disposal. Their staff also reviews plans for all new parks and any additions to existing ones.

State law requires that all manufactured/mobile homes moved since January 1, 1980, be secured using equipment that meets standards adopted by IDPH. Although installers of tie down equipment must comply with these standards, the homeowner is ultimately responsible for properly securing the home.

Effective December 31, 2001, the Manufactured Home Quality Assurance Act requires all manufactured/mobile homes to be installed by an Illinois-licensed manufactured home installer or the homeowner. These homes must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. If instructions are not available, the homes must be installed in accordance with the IDPH Manufactured Home Installation Code (these rules are still being written).

For more information please visit the Illinois Department of Public Health - Manufactured and Modular Homes/Mobile Structures Page. The site contains many rules and regulations and other helpful information about communities and the installation of homes along with Landlord and Tenant rights.

Rock Island County does have a Mobile Home and Mobile Home Parks Code (1986) that is available on our downloads page under the Zoning Section. The Zoning and Building Department does not have authority on the inside of manufactured/mobile homes, for issues contact the Health Department. However, if you are moving a manufactured/mobile home to a new site or the power and/or gas have been shut off for more than one year, the utility company will not hook up gas or electric until the Rock Island County Building Department has done an inspection. The electrical connections must meet the 2011 National Electric Code. The gas lines must hold a pressure of 10 PSI for an hour. A homeowner may do any of this work themselves, but any contractor must be appropriately licensed.