Coroner's Office

  • Coroner: Brian Gustafson, Registered Nurse (R.N.)
  • Chief Deputy: Michael G. Mandel, Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic (EMT-P.)
  • Medicolegal Secretary: Jenny VanEarwage
  • Deputy Coroners: Tanner Cessna EMT-P, Jodie Cooper, R.N., Marcie Davis, R.N., Medical Assistant (M.A), Allison Edwards, Jay McGowan, EMT-P, Jacob P. Smith, EMT-P, Ryan Sweeney, EMT-P,

The Rock Island County Coroner's Office exists to provide the people of Rock Island County with a thorough investigation in the event of a death, pursuant to the Illinois State Statute. This investigation may include, but is not limited to; autopsy, toxicology tests, metabolic studies, x-rays, entomological studies, and personal as well as psychiatric history. (Pursuant to Illinois Compiled Statues (ILCS), Chapter 55)

The Coroner's Office is responsible for determining the manner and the cause of death in all cases of homicide, suicide, accident, in all cases where there was no recent attending physician, or where circumstances surrounding the death are obscure or mysterious.

The responsibilities of the Coroner are to see that the proper scientific studies are performed. These include autopsy, toxicology, microscopic slide examinations, bacteriology, X-rays, and whatever other studies are deemed to be appropriate and necessary in each specific case.

The Coroner's Office is the legal/medical office mandated by the Statutes of the State of Illinois to investigate and assist in the determination of the manner and cause of deaths occurring within Rock Island County. The Coroner directs independent medical and legal investigations of death cases that come under the jurisdiction of the office.

The Coroner's jurisdiction is determined by where a death actually occurs, not where a particular incident/accident happened that might have caused the death. An incident/accident may occur in one County, but if the victim is transported to a facility in another County and pronounced deceased, the jurisdiction lies where the actual pronouncement of death occurs.

In addition, the Coroner is the Conservator of Peace and acts as the Sheriff should a vacancy occur in that office.

Inquests may be conducted for those deaths determined to be other than natural or deaths that are suspicious in nature.

Cremation Permits

Families frequently request cremation services versus traditional burial services. The funeral director will notify the Coroner's Office of a pending cremation. The Coroner will issue the permit (VR 204.1) authorizing cremation following review of the case. Either a Medical certificate of death or a Coroner certificate of death must be completed prior to cremation. The State mandated fee for issuing a cremation authorization is $100.00.

Certified Death Certificates

In the first 4 to 6 weeks following death, interested parties needing certified death certificates must obtain them at the Rock Island County Health Department in the Registrar's Office. After that initial time period, certified copies may be obtained at the Health Department or at the County Clerk's Office.

Note: The Coroner's Office never issues certified death certificates.

Request for Records

Documents within the Coroner's Office are of public record. Anyone wishing to obtain a copy must submit their request to the Coroner in writing pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (5 ILCS).

The mandated fees for records are as follows:

  • A copy of transcript sworn testimony: $5.00 per page.
  • A copy of autopsy report: $50.00.
  • A copy of the verdict of a coroner's jury: $5.00.
  • A copy of toxicology report: $25.00.
  • A print of a picture obtained by the coroner: actual cost or $3.00, whichever is greater.
  • For each copy of miscellaneous reports, including artist's drawings but not including police reports: actual cost or $25.00, whichever is greater.