Child Support Division

The Child Support Division of the Circuit Clerk's OfficeRock Island County Circuit Clerk Seal is responsible for maintaining child support payment records and owed amounts. On this page is general information with how to obtain a report of your account.

If you need resources with instructions for making child support payments, please see the sub pages. If you are looking for resources because you are owed support but aren’t receiving support, please see the Legal Self-Help Page. There you will find information and resources for legal advice.

General Information

Our office can provide a copy of your account showing received and owed amounts. The Circuit Clerk’s Office is located on the 1st floor of the Justice Center.

Fees are as follows:

  • For the payor: If the clerk's fees are current, copies of your pay history are without charge; if the fees are not current, the fee for copies is $6.00 per page.
  • For the payee: The fee for pay histories is $6.00 per page. This fee is payable by cash and by credit card.

Pay histories can not be faxed or emailed.

Only parties of the case are able to receive copies of the child support account. Contact our office if a special request is needed for obtaining a report by someone other than one of the parties to the case.

Annual Fee

The Circuit Clerk's Office is required to charge an annual fee for maintaining the support records and spousal support records of all payments processed through the SDU.

The annual fee is $36.00 per year which is set by state statute 705 ILCS 105/27.1b(k)(2). You are able to make the annual fee using a credit card, see the payments page for more information. Each year we send out reminder notices to the last known address of each payor. The reminder notice is for the preceding year. Example: notices sent the beginning of 2004 were for clerks fees for 2003. It is very important to keep our office notified of your current address, so the reminder card goes to the appropriate address.

The Circuit Clerk's Office maintains the records and the State Disbursement Unit processes the payments.

The records maintained by our office could be used to produce proof of payments for court or tax purposes.

If you have questions regarding the fees or for requesting a report or information, please contact our office by phone at 309-558-3538 or by emailing accounting.

Disclaimer: Circuit Court Clerk staff are prohibited from providing legal advice.